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Electronic School Enrollment Forecast Process

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E-CAST Timetable

Milestone 2019 Date Description
E-CAST Online Training Opens THU, JAN 24 E-CAST 2019 online training opens on LAUSD's MyPLN. It is geared to Principals, Assistant Principals and other authorized E-CAST school representatives, and takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. The training is optional, but highly recommended, especially for new E-CAST users.
E-CAST Opens WED, JAN 30 E-CAST 2019 opens for all Principals, Assistant Principals and other E-CAST authorized school representatives to review and respond to their SY2019-20 enrollment forecasts. All screens except Budget become available.
E-CAST Budget Screen Opens THU, FEB 7 E-CAST 2019 Budget Screen opens for all Principals, Assistant Principals and other E-CAST authorized school representatives to review their SY2019-20 Budget enrollment forecasts.
E-CAST Magnet Application Deadline WED, FEB 20,
For E-CAST 2019, Magnet forecasts are open to appeal. All E-CAST Magnet applications must be made by this deadline in order for your Magnet forecast proposals to receive consideration. Any school's Magnet application not submitted by this deadline may be subject to having their Magnet forecasts set for them by Student Integration Services.
E-CAST Online
Staffing Appeals Deadline
WED, FEB 20,
E-CAST 2019's online Staffing Appeals process is available to Principals who believe they have a justification for requesting additional staff. For an appeal to receive consideration, it must meet specific criteria, and must be submitted online using the
E-CAST 2019 Staffing Appeals Module by this deadline.
Notification of Final Determination on Staffing Appeals TBD Operations Administrators make final determinations on Staffing Appeals. Fiscal Services Managers notify Principals of their schools' final determinations.
E-CAST Magnet and
OE Appeals Process Closes
12:00 noon
The E-CAST 2019 appeals and review process for Open Enrollment and Magnet closes. No further appeals will be accepted after this date.
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